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A Thing A Week 1: Logo Design

The Goal(s) Create and submit a logo for Robot Framework. Lean how to make cool logos Some Background Robot framework is an awesome,...

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A New Thing Every Week

In an effort to expand my skills and to just try some new cool stuff I'm going to try and complete a different project every week until...

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How to set up blog with github pages and google domains

My goals when creating this blog were To pay as little as possible Make it look good Make it easy to write content. Because of these...

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DNS error when going to www subdomain of github pages hosted website

I was having an issue when trying to access my blog through the www subdomain, but I managed to fix it! The issue was roughly as...

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Why did I start this blog?

I thought it would be interesting to share how I decided to create this blog since it was an interesting path. I first became interested...

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