Mad Circles

Posted by Jordan Chapman on Tue 15 May 2018


A newsletter from Tyler Hobbs sent me to Manolo Gamboa Naon's Website and one of the pieces there caught my eye. It was his entry for PlusCode 2015.

A multitude of overlapping circles on a large framed print

Original work by Manolo Gamboa Naon

Looking closer at the work you can see that it is composed of many overlapping circles of various colors. The common structure appears to be a series of circles which roughly follow each other with some variance in radius and direction of each step.

A close up of the print with several circles in focus

Original work by Manolo Gamboa Naon

Previous work

This reminded me of one of my first series of generative images, which I made a blog post about (although I didn't actually publish it until today). I was mainly concerned with growing "branches" composed of overlapping circles that didn't intersect with one another. Another obvious difference between my work and Manolo's is the lack of color in my images. Here is a sample of some of my work with "circlepusher":

Mad Circles

My goal for this series was to revisit my circlepusher concept, but with the goal of paying attention to color (something I struggle with) and to care less about overlapping branches.

Below are several works that came out of these goals. Clicking on them will take you to the full sized image.

Initial Iterations

Give me some Space

Ghostworms and Horns

Flatworms into Pollock

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