A New Thing Every Week

Posted by Jordan Chapman on Wed 14 September 2016

In an effort to expand my skills and to just try some new cool stuff I'm going to try and complete a different project every week until the end of this year. I want each project to be something I have never done before. Even if I may have dabbled in the subject before (and I do like to dabble), I'm terrible at finishing things.

Criteria for a "thing"

  • Must be finishable in a week
  • Must have a actual product associated with the "thing" (be it physical or digital)
  • Must be something I have never completed before

Here's what I'm thinking of

  • Create a logo
  • Make something with an arduino
  • Make a game (in a new language?)
  • Make some physical things
  • Simulation gif like those found at https://www.reddit.com/r/simulated
  • Animate a short clip
  • Paint something

Without further ado, here is the first week's thing

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