Why did I start this blog?

Posted by Jordan Chapman on Mon 15 August 2016

I thought it would be interesting to share how I decided to create this blog since it was an interesting path.

I first became interested in blogging after listening to the __Init__ podcast about static site generators. After that, I took a look at both Pelican and Nikola. I download both of them and make a simple page with each, now it was time to chose between the two. I decided that I would prefer to write my blog with reStructured text, after being burned by markdown (which flavor?). This didn't eliminate either of the options, however, since they both support reStructured text.

After looking into both static site generators, I stopped working on the blog for a while until I listened to Talk Python to Me podcast about writing a blog. This further encouraged me to write a blog and I finally took the time to chose between Nikola and Pelican by simply picking on in order to get over analysis paralysis and actually do something (I ended up going with pelican). I then wrote some pointless test posts and started looking for a theme, because I didn't like the default one. The resulted in more analysis paralysis, again I just picked one in order to move on.

After overcoming two pointless decisions (I believe that I can relatively painlessly switch to Nikola and switch between themes), I bought a domain through google (who knew they sold domains!) and still had no content. It wasn't until today that I got the motivation to write actual content for the blog after listening to another excellent TalkPython podcast, this one about soft skills. So now I'm here, I have (some) actual content, and I have (some) motivation to keep writing, who knows what will come next?

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